GESS Dubai 2023 was once again a truly international affair,
                  welcoming visitors, exhibitors and speakers from across the globe.
                  We were blown away to see so many passionate and dedicated educators all in one place. 


                  This year’s exhibition welcomed over 500+ educational suppliers from 40 countries showcasing the very latest and most innovative educational products and solutions. The international presence was once again supported by national pavilions from the UK, USA, China, Korea, Finland, Germany, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, with new additions to the show from India, Singapore and Taiwan. 

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                  The free to attend conference provided 
                  3 days of inspirational talks and dynamic, hands-on workshops 便宜国外vps论坛_不玩游戏了,卖个雷神加速器_主机参考:1 天前 · 部分文章发布时间较久远,可能存在未知因素,购买时建议在本博客搜索商家名称,可查看相关文章充分了解商家!若非中文页面可使用谷歌浏览器同步翻译!跑路不诚信商家列表, confirming GESS Dubai as the meeting place for educators from 82 countries to further their knowledge, learn from their peers and continue to promote the highest quality of education in the region. 


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                  Join us for GESS Dubai 2021
                  2 – 4 March 2021
                  Dubai World Trade Centre, Sheikh Saeed Halls

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